Short Table of Contents

Short Table of Contents of: An Introduction of Classical Electrodynamics,
y J. W. Keohane and J. P. Foy

Preface to the First Edition
Overview: From Newton to Einstein

Part I: Electricity

Chapter 1    Charge

Chapter 2    The Electrostatic Force

Chapter 3    Electrical Potential Energy

Chapter 4    Gauss’s Law

Chapter 5    The Equations of Laplace and Poisson

PART II: Magnetism

Chapter 6    Permanent Magnets

Chapter 7    The Vector Potential and the Curl

Chapter 8    Electromagnetism

Chapter 9    Faraday’s Law of Induction

Chapter 10    The Electron

Chapter 11    Galilean Relativity in Electrodynamics

Chapter 12    Superconductors and Plasmas

Part III: Light

Chapter 13    Transmission Lines

Chapter 14    Light in an Optical Medium

Chapter 15    Light in Free Space

Chapter 16    Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation

Chapter 17    Special Relativity

Chapter 18    The Photon

Appendix A Faraday on Ray Vibrations

Appendix B Kelvin’s Preface to Hertz’s Treatise

Appendix C Henri Poincaré’s 1904 Lecture

Appendix D Electrodynamics in Gaussian Units

Appendix E Vector Calculus

Appendix F Curvilinear Coordinates

Appendix_G Historical Timeline

Appendix H Biographical Index