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  • A good popular science book tells a story of discovery.
  • A good academic treatise introduces new ideas with convincing evidence.
  • A good how-to manual provides many step-by-step examples.
  • A good textbook does all three — and more.
An Introduction to Classical Electrodynamics
“this book is brilliant”  — read a review

About Maricourt Academic Press

We publish peer-reviewed textbooks that present traditional content in historical and philosophical context.  Our books are so interesting that everyone should read them, so we price them as low as possible.

How to buy our books

If you want to buy a copy of one of our books, please do so through a bookstore.  For example, you can buy Keohane & Foy from Amazon.

If you are a bookstore, you can buy wholesale books directly from our printing and distribution service, which is LightningSource/IngramSpark.

Consider publishing with us

If you have written an interesting textbook that tells the stories of discovery, provides well-reasoned and documented arguments, clear examples, and novel exercises, please consider publishing with us.  While we cannot promise that your book will make lots of money, we can promise that it will be peer-reviewed and affordable.  And most importantly, you will retain copyright of your own work.

Why are we called Maricourt Academic Press?

Our press is named after a French Knight, Pierre de Maricourt, who wrote a brilliant treatise on magnetism 750 years ago.  One of his principles, when put in modern mathematical form, is one of Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism.   Read the introduction to Chapter 6 of An Introduction to Classical Electrodynamics by Keohane & Foy to learn more about who he was and why he was important.

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